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Hirus Services auditors will be on time, neat, courteous and will conduct themselves in a professional unbiased manor. Guaranteed.

Hirus Services retains the services of advisors on an individual contract basis. Hirus will not schedule an advisor until they are HCEA designated.

All Hirus Certified Energy Auditors must go through an extensive training and examination process including several test audits before they are certified and are give the delegation of HCEA. They are then constantly monitored by Hirus Inspection Service’s internal quality assurance and HR team.

You can rest assured that your inspection will be performed to our high standards of excellence following our strict policies and procedures every time.

Hirus Services understands that accidents and mistakes do happen therefore it is mandatory for all Hirus Inspectors/Auditors to be fully insured and carry both general liability and E&O insurance.

Hirus Auditor Minimum Requirements:

ALL Hirus Certified Energy Auditors (HCEA) have:

 A working contract with Hirus Services to perform Hirus certified energy audits.

 Carry general liability and Errors & Omission insurance

 Experience in the home renovation and construction field including:

o Energy-efficient renovation practices

o Residential building materials

o Residential heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems

o Residential building science

o Canadian residential insulation practices (minimums and types)

o Residential window design/applications

 Excellent client relations.

 Undergo reference checks.

 Criminal records check (in provinces where permitted )

The Hirus Certified Energy Auditor (HCEA):

…your inspection will be performed to our high standards of excellence following our strict policies and procedures.

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